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IT is essential
Netcon puts De Kringwinkel SPIT vzw in the cloud.

Having so many employees plus all the product collection and sale activity means a lot of administrative work. “IT is essential in our organisation.  We have payroll, bookkeeping, employment records and the administrative work for all the goods that are brought in,” says Verstraete.

“We used to deal with this at individual branch level with a number of PCs on a local server. The server couldn’t always cope, frequently crashed and had to be restarted. It would take a long time before everyone could just get back to work again.  Now, together with our external IT partner Netcon, we’ve replaced all the local servers with one system in the cloud, with which all our branches can work.”

Read the full case study here.

Netcon specialises in ICT solutions for businesses, non-profits and schools.

Our goal as a permanent IT partner is to give our clients accurate and independent advice on setting up and maintaining their ICT infrastructure.
Our top priority is to ensure that you have an ICT infrastructure that meets all your requirements and that can evolve with your organisation. We use the latest technologies, including cloud solutions, but we also factor your budget into the design. With our many years of experience and the enthusiasm of our employees, we can ensure that your ICT is perfectly maintained. Saving you both time and money.

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We’re also the right people for your hardware, software, consumables, accessories and spare parts...

Thanks to our membership of perfICTion, we have plenty of other expertise in house too.
PerfICTion is a unique Belgian platform that, with its approach, expertise and available technology, enables its clients to use their ICT infrastructure for competitive advantage. The platform was created by bringing together the skills of ICT experts from 16 ICT businesses throughout the country. As a result, we are able to offer you a total solution that’s tailored to your organisation, underpinned with the necessary expertise and with PerfICTion Leuven: Netcon as the single point of contact in every case.